golden apple grill & breakfast house

The GoldenApple diner is located in the heart of Lakeview across the street from the famous St. Alphonsus church on Lincoln-Wellington and Southport Avenues. For over 40 years, the Golden Apple has been a family run and kid friendly operation welcoming all walks of life.

We are renowned for our skillets served sizzling at your booth or table, our GoldenApple Special, quality homemade pancakes, hefty salads, and full course dinners served with your choice of soups or salad, and plenty of side dishes.

Sherman Kaplan Review
Chicago Sun Times
Eaters Digest Section

The Golden Apple (2971 N. Lincoln Ave. 773-528-1413)

People who work all night or have to get up in the middle of the night to go to work know the real pleasures of a diner. This one’s my favorite, and it has the very best middle-of-the-night waffles to be found in Chicago. The scene may not be Edward Hopper, but its close. Sit at one of the stools (which I prefer to a booth for diner food); the midnight shift waitress will come over and pour that first cup of hot coffee and with pad in hand, she’s ready to take your order. Make it the waffle-golden toasty from the iron, still steaming with plenty of whipped butter on top and syrup on the side. The best waffles come from well-worn waffle irons used by an experienced short-order cook. The man at the Golden Apple really fills the bill. Scan the morning paper, sip a second or third cup of coffee, and be sure to leave a generous tip. Anyone who works the midnight shift-deserves it!